Welcome to Airlie Pies - A Slice of the Whitsundays in Every Bite

Airlie Pies is more than just a pie shop; it’s a family-owned gem nestled in the heart of the Whitsundays. Founded and passionately run by Anthony, Airlie Pies embodies the spirit of local craftsmanship and community.

Our journey began with a simple vision: to bring the authentic taste of Australian pies to the Whitsundays but with our unique twist. We pride ourselves on being a true local business, using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. This commitment supports our community and ensures that every pie we serve is fresh and of the highest quality.


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Our Quality

From our famous Classic Meat Pie to our innovative Thai Vegan Curry Pie, our menu is a reflection of our diverse community. Whether you’re a meat-lover, a vegetarian, or a vegan, we’ve got something special for you. And for those looking for something a bit different, our Spinach & Feta Rolls and Sausage Rolls are local favorites.

But Airlie Pies isn’t just about great food; it’s about creating a warm, welcoming experience for all who visit. Our van, located just across from Bunnings, is a hub of activity and friendliness. Here, you can enjoy a fresh, hot pie, including our popular vegan options, in a relaxed, casual setting.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond our pies. We believe in giving back to the community that has supported us from the beginning. By choosing local ingredients, we not only enhance the flavor of our pies but also support the local farmers and producers who are the backbone of the Whitsundays.

So, come and visit us at Airlie Pies. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, we invite you to experience a piece of our family’s passion for great Australian pies. It’s not just food; it’s a taste of our home, made with love and care, just for you.